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Red Deer 1 by landkeks-stock

Wombats are second largest marsupials in Australia. Despite their size, they are fast runners and can run 40 km per hour, but only for short distances. Their diet mainly consist of grasses and roots.

Only found in Queensland rainforest, the Lumholtz tree Kangaroo has a short stocky body with an extremely long tail which it uses for balance. They are very agile and uses its powerful limbs both fore and hind to climb even thin branches. Its cushioned and rough soled feet help it to cling to tree trunks.
Unlike other kangaroos it can use its hind legs (like walking) not always in a hopping motion. They can leap long distances (up to 15 meters) by pushing with its legs of the tree trunk and then twisting in mid air to land perfectly at its destination.

Sleep eating Kangaroo.

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